Change Name to FIGPEA

  1. 1. Why not PSDETCH?
  2. 2. Why FIGPEA?


After 4 years with PSDETCH, we have finally decided to chage the product name to Figpea.

Why not PSDETCH?

There are many reasons behind the change. Initially PSDETCH was named by combining two words: PSD + SketchApp (Yes, it was horrible). It is not a really sound word, even worse for a product name.


Compared, FIGPEA is easier to remember and pronounce (FIG-PEA). It is also much easier to design a Logo with the name. In addtion, we want to start a new roadmap for this product from 2022.

FIGPEA can’t succes without the support from you. Please feel free to send issues and feature requests to Thanks.