Optimize images for Web with FIGPEA

  1. 1. Save your bandwidth up to 80%!
  2. 2. Disable Optimization

FIGPEA could reduce up to 80% of image size without quality loss.

Save your bandwidth up to 80%!

When comes to Web, images are playing a very important role. Study has shown that web pages with a single image has 94% more visitors than those with none images.
However Images are big in size which means two problems: 1. slower web page loading speed. 2. higher bandwidth cost.

FIGPEA could help to optimize any images or any assets in designs by reducing their size greatly without quality loss or non-visualable quality loss.

The feature is enabled by default. Simply loading any images / design files into FIGPEA and export the desired assets or images. At the export card, you can see “Optimize” option being enabled by default:

The optimization uses different libraries depends on the export format:

PNG: We use UPNG.JS to optimize PNG files.
JPEG: JPEG files are optimized with MozJpeg.js
SVG: SVG files are optimized with svgo library.

Disable Optimization

To disable optimization, simply toggle off the “Optimize” button on export window.