Install FIGPEA to computer for offline access

With the power of Progressive Web Application (PWA), you can install FIGPEA to your computer like an application. Furthermore, you can download FIGPEA for offline usage. All features are available in the offline mode. It is useful if you want to use FIGPEA without internet.

Present your Adobe XD prototype in browser with animations

Prototyping and workflow are important part of designs of website and apps. Adobe XD files allow prototyping the designs with transitions and animations. From version 3.6.0, Figpea starts to support presenting transitions and animations for designs. For other file types like Photoshop / PDF, pages will be displayed as slides in present mode.

Navigation with Layer List

If the design is complex, using layer list properly can help you to find the desired layer to choose so that you can export it or measure it. Layer list can be found on the left of the screen once a design file is loaded.